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Inspections of residential buildings and commercial construction
Our services
  • Prepurchase inspections of commercial and residential buildings.
  • Prereception inspection according to the new home warranty
  • Reviews of construction/renovation/rehabilitation projects.
  •  Inspections and report writting for litigations.

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Our expertise

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Why use a technologist ?

logo2 Property inspector since 1997:
Daniel Levert T.P.
Logo CIQ One mission: to protect the public!
logo Ordres professionnels – Une seule mission : vous protéger!

The primary mandate of a professional order is to protect the public. As a buyer or seller, you need to protect yourself. Batispec offers you a range of residential and commercial building inspection services. Experienced, skilled and honest, I will stand by your side throughout the process. Our priority is to serve you with courtesy, effectiveness and professionalism. Protect yourself against the unexpected by taking preventive steps with Batispec. Read more »

logo-rbq Inspection professionals reconginized by the RBQ (see link)

The Order of Professional Technologists of Québec is a legally constituted and is governed by the Professional Code. Professional technologist is a reserved title: Only members holding a valid permit of the Order are permitted to use the title associated with it.

Daniel Levert T.P. 819-775-5627