Bâtispec | Inspecteur  Inspection maison, pré-achat Inspection préachat,  bâtiment, résidentiel et commercial, Home inspector inspection prepurchase residentiel commercial building, Gatineau, Aylmer, Hull, Chelsea, Cantley, Ottawa, Outaouais


Over thirty – five years of experience in a variety of engineering and construction fields.

Property inspector: Since 1993, self employed on a fulltime basis since 1998.

Pre – purchase, expertise inspections for all types of commercial and residential construction.

Pre delivery warranty inspections for new buildings, common area of condominium buildings as well as for new homes.

Inspections, reports and expert witness for litigations, hidden defects etc. (for defendant or plaintiff). recognized by the court of Québec and Ontario as an expert witness.

Construction site superintendant

Supervision of the construction of commercial , institutional and industrial buildings.
Excellent comprehension of specifications and drawings. Monitoring quality of work performed to ensure compliance with applicable standards and specifications and timelines.
Proactive and foresight in the planning of work in order to avoid potential problems. Ensure the efficiency of site work and the management of priorities while respecting on a daily basis work site safety and operating budgets.

Project manager
Coordinate the various activities on the construction site. Maintain good relationships with manpower and foremen in order to ensure the project moves forward. Provide work progress reports to all interested parties. Ensure all measures are taken to have the project delivered on time. Participation in the preparation of estimates and budgets. Member of design teams assessing the cost of the life cycle of various methods and materials.

Surveyor for infrastructures

Energy auditor
Energy appraiser accredited by NRCan – AEE, EnerGuide since 2000 for single family homes, duplexes and triplexes. NRCan ecoENERGY EGM No. 3A01
Former accredited Novoclimat inspector
R-2000 certified inspector

Insurance claims investigations
Disaster investigations to determine their cause and origins. Preparation of technical reports for insurance claims investigations. Appointed by the insurer to determine the eligibility of claims of policyholders and to determine if there was negligence or defects on the manufacturers or contractors.

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