Bâtispec | Inspecteur  Inspection maison, pré-achat Inspection préachat,  bâtiment, résidentiel et commercial, Home inspector inspection prepurchase residentiel commercial building, Gatineau, Aylmer, Hull, Chelsea, Cantley, Ottawa, Outaouais
  • Prepurchase inspections of commercial and residential buildings.
  • Prereception inspection according to the new home warranty
  • Reviews of construction/renovation/rehabilitation projects.
  •  Inspections and report writting for litigations.

Prepurchase home inspection:  This service consists of a visual inspection of the property and its key componants. Its objectif is to determine if certain factors may significantly diminish the market value of the building. The positif aspects of the property are also brought to the forefront. We aslo offer insight into viable energy renovations among  other suggestions such as air quality. As well we offer advice on all other anticipated renovations as well as long and short term maintenance requirements. Prereception home inspections: (New home warranty program) (in place since 1999): The visit is done according to a preestablished list of items to inspect in accordance with the new home warranty program. Above this preestablished list we endure that the construction is in accordance with the National Building Code and that the work was to according to the state of the art. Presale home Inspection: A presale home inspection facilitates the sale of a residence. It is also a way to prevent against surprises in regards to the present conditon of the building. Such problems, if not adressed prior to the sale, may substantialy reduce  the home market value. Litigation investigations and report:

i) in order to assist the new home owner in claims should hidden defects come to light after occupying the home.

ii) in order to prepare the defense should the previous home owner is sued for alleged hidden defects by the present homeowner.

Commercial property inspections:according to the protocol : ASTM Standard E2018 Property Condition Assessment (PCA)

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